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It seems that doctors the world over are all too ready to prescribe medication rather than to suggest natural methods of lowering high blood pressure (hypertension). It also strengthens the blood vessels and reduces the adverse effects of free glucoflow radicals in the body. You might have to change the way you prepare your favorite foods or eat them alongside healthier options. On and on the circle goes and it is going in a really bad direction.

If this is a problem for you, instead of telling yourself that you'll never eat sweets again, schedule 1 day per week where you're allowed to eat sweets or have a "treat day". Curing diabetes is impossible for most of the elders, but controlling blood sugar is something that can be achieved during the medication. Doctors are often dismissive of these natural alternatives, however many of them may work even better than a prescribed medication would. There is an organ within the body called the pancreas.


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